Strategic Partnerships

Grieboski Jolly Caraway is proud to have developed strategic partnerships with Akal Global, Bernstein Crisis Management, and Global Development Solutions, LLC. These partnerships enhance the firm’s capacity to address our clients most pressing challenges.

Our Partners

Akal Global  is an American-owned National Security support firm specializing in mission, intelligence, security, logistics, and training support services. Akal’s largest customers include the Departments of Defense, State, Justice and Homeland Security as well as global fortune 100 firms. With past and current operations in over 100 countries and 350 American cities, Akal has a global footprint and the capacity to meet its clients’ most challenging needs. 40 years of experience in the National Security and global threats markets enable Akal to bring a customer-focused, mission-driven value to the partners they serve and protect. Driven by a strong code of conduct and culture of humility and transparency, Akal provides critical protection in a complex world.

Bernstein Crisis Management serves clients that may suffer or are suffering threats to people or property, reputation damage, business interruption and/or damage to their bottom line. Its experience with helping clients avoid and/or minimize the impact of future crises has created equal demand for its crisis prevention and crisis response services.

Global Development Solutions (GDS) is a solutions-oriented consulting firm serving both the public and private sector by bolstering competitiveness, whether for an individual company or an entire industry.  GDS provides strategic analysis and technical assistance to clients seeking solutions to market development and supply chain challenges in the global economy.  GDS also designs economic and industry-specific development strategies to overcome prevailing inefficiencies and bottlenecks that cause market and policy barriers, financial constraints, and technical challenges, thus paving the way for sector-wide growth and employment creation.