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Grieboski Jolly Caraway Condemns Hateful Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist Demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA

AlexandriaJoseph K. Grieboski, Managing Partner of Grieboski Jolly Caraway, released the following statement on the white nationalist rally at University of Virginia:

Hundreds of supposedly Constitution- and America-loving racists and xenophobes marched on the campus of the University of Virginia, chanting “one people, one nation, end immigration” & “blood and soil.”

This pusillanimous demonstration of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance does not belong in the United States of 2017 and represents all that is wrong with Americans, not all that is right with the country that Ronald Reagan called the “shining beacon on a hill.”

At this time, it is incumbent on all Americans to stand against hatred, against discrimination, against ignorance, against racism, against xenophobia, against small-mindedness.

It is incumbent on all Americans now more than ever to stand up, to speak up, to resist any attempt to undermine the foundations of respect, understanding, liberty, and freedom that our Founders and the succeeding generations fought so hard to preserve.

During this dangerous and destabilizing times, President Donald J. Trump and every Senator and Member of Congress must be judged by whether they overtly condemn the Charlottesville hate rally or silently support it. It’s one or the other.